Everything Is Illuminated… (How Lighting is the most important thing.)

Everything Is Illuminated… (How Lighting is the most important thing.)

Most videographers are taught the most basic form of lighting set up. The three-light method. We’re taught that this ideal lighting method separates the subject from the background, and everything does not look too dull. This is absolutely the most important first step in lighting, but it’s only the beginning. With such powerful cameras for cheaper and cheaper these days, we’re introduced to a world where we can give a beautiful contrast to a lighted image in even the most budget-restricting of company videos.

Light intensity, an often-overlooked part of lighting, is the second most important aspect that we must control. For instance, the ever-growing popularity of DSLRs has actually given us control of so many new aspects of video reserved only to film in the past! Without exaggeration, your company video has the capability of looking like a short scene of a film!

At SVG, we believe your audience’s retention is judged in how good something “Looks” before we get to the message. How the lighting is pre-planned, handled on-the-day of the shoot, and controlled in post-production is something we certainly do not overlook, and it pays off!

This is yet another aspect that Skillman Video Group takes control of. These details catch people’s attention, and help deliver your message clearer. Ultimately, these details bring your company to where it wants to go.