Expedited Video Editing

Boston Digital Video EditorLately, Skillman Video Group LLC has been hard at work with a number of video shoots and editing projects. A couple of weeks ago Skillman was hired by the MIT Enterprise Forum Global branch to shoot the “Nuts & Bolts” class at MIT. This was a 2-week class that consisted of undergraduate and graduate students from various colleges and universities from the Boston area. When the class was over our professional videographers began that process of editing almost 18 hours of class room footage into 11 different segments for online distribution.

Our client requested to have the finished production in a very short amount of time, and we were not going to disappoint them. Since there was almost 20 hours of video footage that our professional digital video editor had to go through, this request was not an easy one. If time is a factor in your next video project, it is extremely important to bring on  professional digital editors that have years of experience, because they are able to edit much faster than a novice. When it comes to editing it is also ideal to have a professional digital video editor who has the skill and knowledge to work with color and sound correction. After the video was done and fully edited, we made sure to personally deliver the video to our client.

Skillman Video Group LLC, knows the importance of having a video produced quickly and professionally. We work with professional videographers and professional digital video editors to create high quality videos that leave a lasting impression on our clients. Take a look at our SVG portfolio and see some of the videos we have been able to shoot and edit. If you are looking for professional video content to add to your video marketing campaign or online marketing campaign and need it in a short period of time, then be sure to contact us so we can get you started. Skillman Video Group LLC is a Boston video production company. Call us anytime at 800-784-0140