Filming Your Live Event

When hosting a live event, you should be able to record the event in such a way that not only captures the information and purpose of the day/evening, but also the moment and overall feeling. There’s no better way to record and, more importantly share, your event with a larger audience than with video. Video captures the visual, audio, and through editing, the overall feel of the event, meeting, conference or performance. For the people who were interested in attending, yet were not available to do so, a video of the presentation, talk or program is the next best option. The viewer is allowed to hear speakers, round table discussion, and get a sense of how the event proceeded.

GET Conference Presenter

The 2014 G.E.T. Conference needed a Boston video production company to record and produce a video to be shared on YouTube of their annual conference in Boston, MA. Skillman Video Group has produced live event coverage for such companies as the Country Music Awards before the G.E.T. Conference, so they were ready to take on the project with confidence. SVG worked with the audio/visual company to get the best audio feed and filming locations for our Boston videographers. Here’s the tricky part though, they needed the slides from the PowerPoints on the video. An average video production company would just shoot the slides with a camera, but Skillman Video Group took its video production a step further. By taking the PowerPoints themselves and converting them to a video-friendly format, the slides from the speakers would be edited in, full quality, to pair up with the speakers. This further immerses the viewer in the conference’s environment and experience. And lastly, through editing and compression, a talent Skillman Video Group can expedite for you, the video file could be sent to whomever was unable to attend the live event to view at his or her leisure.

If you are looking for an experienced Boston video production company to film your live event, turn no further than Skillman Video Group, LLC.  We are a  Boston video production company. Call us anytime at 800-784-0140.