Focussing on Audio – Hebrew at the Center

Video production; half science, half art. During a shoot, there’s a multitude of factors to be taken into consideration from lighting and environment to wireless frequencies and audio syncing. These pieces of the puzzle are all important and all require an expertise, however they mean nothing without the most important connection of all; the human connection. Here at Skillman Video Group, it’s our labor of love to deliver our clients’ message, or better yet, their story – in its best form.

However, we all know being in front of a camera feels unnatural at first. This is why we strive to provide a filming experience for our clients that is smooth, relaxed, and stress free as possible. To do this, we make sure to have absolutely everything thought of and accounted for ahead of time. This is the key to a quality video shoot and ultimately the end result; communicating the best possible version of our clients’ story.

FBOur most recent video shoot with Hebrew in the Center exemplifies this point perfectly. For this shoot multiple people participate in the lecture series, and therefore along with three cameramen, multiple wireless mics are required for each speaker. Multitasking a shoot like this could make for possible set backs, so we brought on an additional audio tech help to focus solely on the mic application, wireless stationing, and audio quality. This then allows the cameramen to focus solely on setting up the lighting and getting the best shot possible.

Each piece of this puzzle has a dedicated person of expertise, and so the entire process is streamlined, smooth, and stress free. The speakers don’t ever need to think about anything else but the real reason that they’re there, telling their story. Skillman Video Group is a Boston Video Production Company. Call us anytime at 800-784-0140.