Unveiling the Artistry: Skillman Video Group’s Collaboration with Brewster Home Fashions

Setting the Stage for a How-To Video Masterpiece

Former SVG Intern and current SVG Set Designer & Assitant Editor, Chris Plummer working on the set!

Last Wednesday, Skillman Video Group laid the foundation for an upcoming project that promises to catch the eye of DIY enthusiasts and homeowners alike.

Teaming up with Brewster Home Fashions, a leading creator of exquisite wall coverings and home decor, SVG is preparing to produce a how-to video focused on the art of wallpaper installation.

The shoot is scheduled for this Friday and is poised to be a cornerstone of Brewster’s digital marketing strategy.

The Power of How-To Videos in Marketing

How-to videos have become indispensable tools in the digital marketing toolbox, offering a blend of utility and promotional appeal.

For a company like Brewster Home Fashions, this type of content is not just about showcasing product features; it’s about engaging potential customers by solving common problems—like the often daunting task of wallpaper installation.

This approach not only attracts viewers looking for practical advice but also introduces them to Brewster’s high-quality and visually appealing products.

Behind the Scenes with SVG and Hollywood Expertise

For this particular project, SVG enlisted the creative talents of Hollywood set designer and former Skillman Video intern, Chris Plummer.

Together, they designed a set that mirrors the typical challenges homeowners face during wallpaper application.

The set includes six drywall flats complete with a door, a light switch, and an outlet, providing a realistic backdrop that enhances the educational content of the video.

A Peek Behind the Curtain

In addition to the instructional video, SVG is capturing the behind-the-scenes magic of the set construction.

This footage is intended to give viewers an insider’s look at the meticulous planning and execution that goes into creating a functional and aesthetically pleasing set.

This dual-content approach not only enriches the viewer’s experience but also highlights the craftsmanship and creativity at the heart of both Skillman Video Group and Brewster Home Fashions.

Stay Tuned for the Big Reveal

Be sure to check back soon for an update on this exciting collaboration.

You won’t want to miss seeing the transformation of the set into a beautifully wallpapered room, complete with all the finishing touches that Brewster Home Fashions is known for.

This project is set to be a perfect example of how practical guidance can be seamlessly integrated with brand promotion to captivate and educate viewers.