Getting the Shot Right, Lincoln RI

Skillman Video Group shot another interview for our Cambridge Sound Management project while in Lincoln, RI. This was another shoot at Amica offices, this time to talk to someone who was involved in the decision to deploy sound masking in their call centers. For us it was another day with the Canon C300, LED panels, and some really great shots.

Boston Video Producer talking with subject of testimonial video before cameras roll

The Golden Ratio

Video Producers shooting b-roll for testimonial web video

Every project has a ratio. An amateur project might have a 10 to 1 ratio. That’s ten minutes of raw footage for a minute of finished product. For a Hollywood film it might be 120 to 1. Because our productions are generally shot in a documentary style, our ratio can be hours to a single minute of finished product. Over the course of the next month or so the hours of footage we have will be trimmed down until we have maybe five minutes across the brand web video, testimonial video, and product video we’re producing.

Why so Much?

Product shot of the QtPro sound masking system

The basic answer is that the video producers here at Skillman Video Group are dedicated to making the best version of every project. For example, when we were shooting, we got what’s called an establishing shot. It’s a view of the front of the building our interview was in. Now, it’s certainly possible to just take a camera, point it at the building and hit record, but that would not have the same value as what our cinematographer did. He set up his camera on a tripod with a slider attached to it. The slider allows for the camera to move left to right about a foot either way. So the camera moves across the slider smoothly as he also pans the camera left to right to ensure he keeps the building framed properly. It requires an incredible amount of focus and dexterity to manage, and results in a much more interesting and engaging shot.

The Details Matter

The other element is in the frame.  Getting someone walking in or out of the building while our cinematographer does this particular move can look really good, but not if they go through the wrong door, so we keep trying until we get it right, the move, the door, the whole thing comes together to create an engaging shot of an otherwise plain-looking office building.

After three shoots days and some 20 hours of shooting, we’ve gotten what we need to create the videos that Cambridge Sound Management needs. It will still be some time before the video is finished, but we are excited to move into the next phase of the project.

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