Goodbye SVG: My Intern Experience

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(January 7, 2017) – For the past three months, myself and Deane have been working as video production interns for Skillman Video Group.

It has been a pleasure to work alongside SVG founder Christina Skillman and the other dedicated members of the SVG team.

During my time as an intern, I have learned a lot about the importance of SEO, how to optimize my video content, and most importantly, my work with SVG has given me a broader understanding of professional video production work and the online video marketing world. As a graduating college senior, this type of real-world experience is extremely valuable.

This spring, I will be graduating from Emmanuel College with a degree in English, Communications and Media Studies with a minor in Writing. During my time at Emmanuel, I have participated in many community service projects and spirituality groups, as well as been elected the Social Media and Creative Content editor for the student-run online news source. I have always had an interest in professional video production and, unfortunately, was never able to connect with any Boston videographers on campus as Emmanuel. This is where SVG enters my life.

I found the advertisement for a fall video production internship with Skillman Video Group on the Boston craigslist page. The post said that SVG was looking for an intern to write content for their blog and attend video shoots to learn more about the corporate video production process. I applied immediately and after my interview with Christina I was hired. This internship was exactly what I was looking for!

Goodbye SVG: My Intern Experience 1

Throughout the course of my internship, I have written many blog posts for the Skillman Video Group site, all about different subjects. I have learned a lot through these posts because of the research that went into writing them and from the Boston Videographers that I spoke with while on shoots.

Everything that I learned while on set and during our weekly meetings with Christina became very valuable towards the end of the internship because Deane and I were responsible for our own video for the SVG website.

We used our experience in corporate video production to work through the stages of production and eventually shoot and edit our own scary movie trailer parody on our iPhones! This project taught me a lot about the video production process as well as a lot about myself!

I learned that I understand the steps and prefer the planning and organizing side of video production to the acting and performing side. The most important thing that I learned with SVG is how to keep generating content for marketing purposes. Before, I felt like I needed to take a lot of time editing and outlining my writing, but the quick deadlines and multiple writing assignments taught me that I can create well-written pieces in a few days! I also learned that I naturally write in a very formal and academic voice, but with the help of Christina, Deane, and Nicolette, I was able to make my writing voice a little more personal.

This internship has been a very rich experience because of the number of connections and situations that I have experienced that I would never have inside a classroom or on campus. I believe that anyone interested in professional video production should consider interning as a professional Boston video production assistant and should definitely consider applying to SVG!