Google Glass: Changing Social Media?

(September 11, 2012) -A while back, Google announced their “Project Glass” concept.

Essentially, Google is deep in the production of a new device that functions like a pair of glasses, except these glasses feed information directly to your eyes.

What kind of information? Tons. Based on the promotions and test videos, all of Google+.

Project Glass Prototype
Project Glass Prototype

The initial promotional video set the bar pretty high, spelling out the possibility of completely interactive content (maps, directions, messages, notifications, etc.) for the glasses.

So far, Google has been releasing pieces of information about Project Glass periodically over the course of the last few weeks, revealing that Project Glass currently has the ability to perform video conversations directly through said glasses. It seems like Project Glass is starting to live up to the hype of the Google setup from weeks ago.

So where does social media come into play?

Consider this: we currently have access to social media networks via smartphones. Suffice it to say, we already have access to the Internet from virtually anywhere.

Project Glass seems to take that a step further by allowing the content we interact with on a day-to-day basis to work with our social media.

Theoretically, this pushes social media platforms deeper into our lives.

How will this change the direction of content tailored for social media, marketing, and even SEO?

Perhaps Google will shed some light on this with their next update.