Google+ Makes the Rounds

(July 18, 2011) – This past week, Google unveiled its new social networking platform, Google+, to selected users.

The site features much of the same functionality as Facebook and Twitter, but with a twist. One can still chat with friends, share photos and other content, and follow brands or celebrities.

However, Google+ aims to mimic how relationships work in the real world, namely that people relate differently to different groups of friends.

For example, if I found an article about a new development in online video marketing, many of my friends would not be particularly interested in hearing about it.

However, with Google+, I could easily choose to share the article exclusively with my friends at Skillman Video Group.

In this way, Google+ places emphasis on the commonalities between friends, rather than simply having a large number of “friends,” which, in the case of Facebook, more closely translates to acquaintances.

Although this functionality is not yet available, Google plans to allow businesses to create their own pages on Google+ in the near future.

A wide variety of companies, from mom-and-pop stores to huge multinational brands such as Coca-Cola and Nike, have already found great success using Facebook, Twitter, and other social sites as marketing tools. It is easy to see why these firms would be excited about this groundbreaking new social network from the leader in the search industry.

As the social media space continues to grow, it will become more and more difficult to maintain your business’s web presence, as it is still vitally important to keep each account updated with original content in order to keep your audience engaged.

Each social networking site brings fresh challenges, but also vast opportunities!

If this all sounds a bit overwhelming, let the social media experts at Skillman Video Group help you out!

We will advise you on which sites would be most beneficial to your businesses, and we will set you up with visually appealing profiles loaded with content. Call us today to find out more!