Google Penguin ruffles the feathers of businesses that practice bad SEO

Google Penguin ruffles the feathers of businesses that practice bad SEO 1There has been a bit of a shake up for businesses that rely on Google rankings to thrive.  With the release Penguin, Google’s newest algorithm update, the search engine is looking to decrease spam on the web and foil those who use shady SEO practices.  This is Google’s biggest update that focuses on offsite factors such as link spam, a way to artificially inflate page ranking with links between pages that have no relevance to that pages subject matter. This includes improper keywording, buying links from other websites, building a link network or link farm and various other nefarious schemes. Link spamming is cheating the system, giving you fast results but without a long term outlook for your website.  Now that Google is cracking down on this type of behavior, many sites are feeling the heat while businesses that use proper SEO are benefiting from their losses.

SEO is part of the constantly changing field of internet marketing but a few factors remain the same for achieving success: keep your site current with relevant and engaging content with regular blog posts, social media updates, and video marketing.  Making the site look fresh and aesthetically pleasing while being easily navigable is essential as well.  While this method takes time and hard work, if done properly, it will pay off in the end.

Skillman Video Group puts in this effort and it shows. Our last three new clients found us through a Google search of video production companies in Boston and Somerville. Our search engine relevance combined with our thorough and comprehensive website featuring a portfolio of past work and our unique approach to social video marketing, urged these customers to pick up the phone and hire us for our services. The hardest part of internet marketing is being noticed in sea of competitors.  SVG’s proven SEO strategies can be applied to your business’s marketing module and will be done the right, and most effective, way.