Google To Integrate Social Media Into Search Results

Google is working specifically with social media platforms Quora, Twitter, and Flickr to integrate the content produced by these sites into searches made on Google. What this means is that you can allow Google to access your accounts on these websites so that it can pull information from them and present it in the search results depending on what you are searching. For instance, if someone is following me on Twitter, and I tweet about riding on a motorcycle, when that person searches about motorcycles on Google, my tweet may come up as a search result.

As of now the focus is on Quora, Twitter and Flickr. The search engine Bing currently has access to “likes” on Facebook, so any collaboration between Google and Facebook is not going to happen in the near future. For those that may not know, Quora is a relatively new website that specializes in creating a database of user generated questions and answers that gives people the ability to rate the quality of the answers given.

This is good news for Skillman Video Group’s new service Social Video Marketing as it will allow for the use of twitter to tweet links to videos that are on other social media websites. So although Google won’t be utilizing Facebook, the new social media aspects of its search engine will still present ways for people to draw traffic to their Facebook  accounts. Basically it is presenting a way to get people to your specific social networking accounts without them having to actually search through platforms such a Twitter or Flickr to find information.