Bringing Innovation to Life: Skillman Video Group’s Animated Journey with Gustavo Preston

Discovery: Understanding the Client’s Needs and Audience

Our journey began with an in-depth discovery meeting where we immersed ourselves in Gustavo Preston’s world.

We learned about their groundbreaking technology, its complexities, and their target audience of knowledgeable engineers.

This understanding allowed us to craft a tailored approach – a longer, more detailed explainer video that would resonate with their specific audience.

With our animator joining the conversation, we envisioned a script and animation that would simplify the technology and bring it to life.

Strategy: Defining the Pillars of the Video

The insights gleaned during the discovery phase shaped our strategic vision.

We identified three core pillars for the animated video: educate, showcase expertise, and communicate thoroughness.

This clear direction guided our scriptwriting process, ensuring that every word and visual element served a purpose.

Creative/Concept: From Script to Storyboard

Gustavo Preston animation

In this phase, our creativity flourished. We crafted a succinct script that effortlessly wove together technical jargon with a conversational tone.

Once the client approved the narration, we moved on to creating a storyboard for the 3D animation.

We meticulously planned each visual element, ensuring they seamlessly supported Gustavo Preston’s message.

Planning/Pre-Production: Finding the Perfect Voice

The voiceover is a critical element of any animated video. We collaborated with Gustavo Preston to determine their ideal voice, ultimately deciding on a female voiceover artist.

After auditioning numerous talented individuals, we found the perfect match – a voice that would effectively convey the company’s message.

During this phase, we also secured assets and stock footage to create a captivating intro for the video, setting the stage for the animated journey to come.

Our animator created a rough markup to ensure everyone was aligned with the creative direction.

Production: Building a Digital Universe

Gustavo Preston water 3D animation

With meticulous planning and preparation complete, our animator took the reins.

Over several weeks, they built a captivating digital world, choreographing camera movements and integrating stunning After Effects graphics.

A scratch track of the voiceover allowed us to fine-tune the animation and narration synergy before the final recording.

The Final Result: A Visual Masterpiece

The final Gustavo Preston video is a testament to our collaborative process.

It’s a visual masterpiece that seamlessly blends animation, dialogue, and music to educate, inform, and inspire.

We’re proud to have played a part in bringing Gustavo Preston’s groundbreaking technology to life through video.