Health and Fitness Videos from Skillman Video Group

(August 16, 2010) – Skillman Video Group is currently in the midst of preparing a multi-video shoot for an acupuncture and Chinese herb company.

In the past, SVG has worked with other health and fitness businesses and has found video to be an extremely beneficial service for that industry.

Video is an easily adaptable service and can be used in a variety of forms from instructional (or “how-to”), marketing, instructional, demonstration, client testimonial or other.

Instructional videos can be very useful in both securing and retaining clients.

Skillman Video Group worked with to create “how-to” videos on common house cleaning methods using “every day” products found around the house.  SVG also produced several Alternative Health videos about chiropractors and spas around Boston, etc.

Skillman Video Group is now working with HolliBalance, the acupuncture and Chinese herb company mentioned above, to produce a marketing video and several client testimonial videos.

Like many health and fitness companies, HolliBalance offers an extremely unique service: custom-formulated Chinese herbs made by hand!

A marketing video is a spectacular opportunity to introduce a revolutionary service such as this because, unlike print, a video can thoroughly explain the process and ingredients behind the product(s).

Filming a video for Rolf Gates Yoga
Filming a video for Rolf Gates Yoga

A demonstration video could go a step further and allow a potential client to experience a service or product almost like being there in person. A demonstration video can work effectively for niche services such as herbs or acupuncture.

A viewer may be unfamiliar with these services and, accordingly, have many questions that could easily be answered via a demonstration video.

Reading about acupuncture is nothing in comparison to actually witnessing the service.

Another variety of video that can aid a health and fitness company is client testimonial videos, especially when distinctive products are involved.

As mentioned before, SVG will also be producing a series of client testimonial videos for HolliBalance.

Client testimonial videos are a very powerful tool when produced professionally. Hearing and seeing a positive review on a service you are interested is more personal than reading a review by an anonymous user. Putting a face to a review is reassuring and creates a sense of trust between the viewer and company.

Video can be employed in a myriad of ways for health and fitness companies.

To learn more about how video can benefit your company or organization, contact Skillman Video Group.