How to Make the Creative Process Joyful

There are three fundamental truths that Boston video production company, Skillman Video Group, has discovered through years of working with the creative process. They give you a framework for who to choose and why things might be working or not working for you. These fundamental truths are true for any creative you are working with, whether you are on the buy side and engaging with the creatives, or you are working in the creative space yourself. 

The First Fundamental Truth: Commitment

The first fundamental truth is there needs to be a commitment on both sides to see the project through to the end. From the client side, that means you are willing to commit the time and the resources needed to see the project to the end. On the creative/vendor side, you need to be committed to do whatever it takes to get the client what they need in order to hit that required level of creative excellence.

The Second Fundamental Truth: Trust

The second fundamental truth is trust.This one is vital. On the client’s side, if you do not trust that your creative vendor is who they say they are, can do what they say they can do, and that they are truly experts in their field, do not hire them. The same is true for the creatives. If you do not have full trust that your client is going to pay when they say they’re going to pay, come back to you with feedback, or for whatever reason your spidey-sense is saying do not trust this person, listen to it. 

The Third Fundamental Truth: Collaboration

The third fundamental truth is working in a spirit of collaboration. This means you are both sharing your ideas. Sometimes the client is going to have more say, and sometimes the creative is going to have more say. But, if there is a willingness to collaborate and work through issues, as well as a mutual commitment and trust to see the project through, the creative process will never fail.

If one of those three fundamental truths is missing, it’s not worth taking on the project. The creative process, when done well, is fun. Think about those truths and consider, do you feel that way with your creative partner? This could be video, graphics, music, or any kind of creative agency or partner with which you are working. Either way, these three truths should give you a sturdy framework on who to choose in order to make the creative process a joyful experience every time.

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How to Make the Creative Process Joyful: