Inside the Pre-Production of our How to Video

How to Video Ideas

Starting a project always take a lot of thought and organization. As the interns at Skillman Video Group, we had to come up with our own video concept. Our internship started in the middle of October, and although we did not need to have our idea right away, we made sure to keep it in the back of our minds. Top Search Engine Optimization StrategiesThere are two of us working hard to learn more about the Video Production Services, and how we might fit into the industry after our internship.

Creative Video Ideas

We went back and forth over a few ideas trying to figure out which would be the most effective for our position. We are creating these videos to promote Skillman Video Group, so our target market are those looking for Boston Video Production Companies. Our first few ideas were flops. We didn’t have the resources or ability to create the picture we were imagining. That is an important thing to make sure when planning a video. Know your restrictions, so that you don’t plan out this big shoot and are not able to pull it off. We had star wars in mind and all these cool effects, but it just wasn’t something we were capable of with our resources and budget.

How to Create a Video

Our final decision about topic was to create a video for the DIYers out there. We want to help show people that you are able to create professional looking videos at home. There are many angles that we could take on explaining how to shoot on your own. You can talk about equipment, style, or types of video production. Each of us settled on creating two different DIY topics. Another factor that led to our decision was that Youtube loves how to videos. This can help boost SVG’s SEO when working with our Youtube Video Marketing. Our main focus will be on lighting and audio. Interns working on setWe want to show you how to use thing around your house set up three point lighting, and how to capture audio clearly.

Scripting for Video Production

There are many ways we could go about showing the audience how to DIY lighting and audio, but we want to be specific and not overwhelming. Our idea is to make it an interview style video with a lot of B-roll. This will allow the audience to see us and follow along as we setup the lighting and explain audio. We don’t need an exact script for this shoot. We want to make sure we are prepared with talking points, but our main scripting is for the B-roll. Planning out each take makes it easier to put your vision on the screen. The shoot will take place in a house to give the real feel of DIY. We also are using all different DIY props for the set up. For lighting we will be using painter lights and drop lights, as well as blankets, trash bags, and t-shirts for diffusion and natural lighting. The audio prop will be a Zoom sound recorder, but we will be explaining how any recorder can work. 

How To Videos for Marketing

There is a lot of work that gets put into the pre-production of a Video shoot. You need to make sure everything is together before the day of the shoot. We want to make sure we have all our resources and props ready so that we can get the shoot done in one day. Once we complete the shoot we will start on the post-production work. Interns have been creating videos for SVG for years, and we make it a big part of our Youtube Video Marketing Strategy. It is a great opportunity for us as Interns to really learn the roles of a video shoot. We will be playing every role as we go through this video production process, so it is important that we have the knowledge. 

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