DIY Video Production: Unveiling the Secrets of Skillman Video Group Interns

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As Skillman Video Group (SVG) interns, our creative journey began with a blank canvas – the task of conceptualizing and producing our own video.

Eager to learn the ropes of video production services and explore our potential in the industry, we embraced this challenge with enthusiasm.

Brainstorming and Refining: The Idea Takes Shape

Our brainstorming sessions were filled with a whirlwind of ideas, each more ambitious than the last. However, practicality soon grounded us as we realized the limitations of our resources and budget. A Star Wars-inspired masterpiece with dazzling special effects remained a distant dream.

Instead, we pivoted towards a more achievable and equally impactful concept – empowering DIY enthusiasts to create professional-looking videos at home. This decision was fueled by our target audience: those seeking Boston video production companies who might appreciate a glimpse into the tricks of the trade.

Lights, Camera, Action: The DIY Approach

Interns working on set

With YouTube’s affinity for how-to videos in mind, we focused on two essential elements: lighting and audio. We aimed to demystify these technical aspects, showing viewers how to achieve professional results using everyday household items.

Our vision for the video took the form of an interview-style format, interspersed with informative B-roll footage. This approach would allow us to demonstrate the techniques in action while providing clear and concise explanations.

Crafting a DIY Studio: Location and Props

To capture the authentic DIY spirit, we chose a house as our filming location. We scoured our surroundings for everyday objects that could double as lighting and audio equipment. Painter lights, drop lights, blankets, trash bags, and even t-shirts were transformed into makeshift diffusers and reflectors. A Zoom sound recorder served as our primary audio tool, but we also highlighted how any recorder could be used effectively.

Meticulous Planning: Pre-Production Essentials

Pre-production involved meticulous planning to ensure a smooth and efficient shoot day. Every detail, from gathering props to finalizing the shot list, was carefully considered. Our goal was to complete the shoot in a single day, maximizing our resources and minimizing potential setbacks.

Beyond the Shoot: The Post-Production Journey

With the shoot behind us, we’re now venturing into the exciting realm of post-production. This is where the magic truly happens, as we weave together the footage, audio, and voiceover to create a comprehensive and engaging DIY video guide.