Insurance Company Brand Video

adding lighting to talent

Adding lighting to talent.

Companies are defined by the people inside them; what makes your company unique is the particular ideas, personality, and stories that your talent brings. Working with image and text alone might be effective in communicating your company’s values, and the ins and outs of how your company works, but it leaves out the people that make your company, your company. When crafting a brand, it is essential that these key people are built into your messaging. Creating a brand video is a great way of using your talent to communicate all the things that make your company different.

operating the Steadicam

Operating the Steadicam.

Last week, we filmed a video for Landy Insurance, a family-owned insurance company with nationwide reach. During the shoot, we interviewed several employees, including multiple members of the Landy family. By filming the people who work for the company, we were able to get the story of the company’s history and its culture. We shot the interview in a conference room, alternating between two different backgrounds. We lit the talent with Kino Flo lights, and shot the video on a Sony FS7. On set was director and CEO Christina Skillman, director of photography Jake Thomas, and production assistant, Lydia Gyurina.

For our B-roll, or supplementary footage to be intercut among the main interview, we used a SteadiCam, a type of rig that is attached to the videographer’s body, which allows for smooth, dynamic footage. We were able to monitor the footage through a wireless monitor set up in the corner of room. For some of the shots, we filmed people as they worked naturally, and others were staged, as we instructed employees to act as if they were having a meeting, for instance.


Interviewing the talent.

The shoot is only one part of our process; prior to the shoot is our Discovery phase, in which we meet with the client to learn about their company and what they are looking for in a video. Following that is pre-production, during which we develop interview questions and arrange the details for the shoot. After the shoot is post-production, in which we go through four rounds of editing, and add music and motion graphics. The final result is a finished, polished video which the company is able to use in a number of contexts, including on a website, on social media, during meetings, and at live events.

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