Bringing Your Brand to Life: Unveiling the Power of People in Brand Videos

Interviewing the talent.

A company is more than just its products or services; it’s the collective energy, ideas, and stories of the individuals who work there.

While images and text can convey information, they often miss the heart and soul of a brand: its people.

Brand videos offer a unique opportunity to showcase the faces and voices behind a company, weaving a tapestry of personalities and experiences that create an authentic and compelling brand story.

The Challenge of Capturing the Human Element

Traditional marketing materials often focus on facts and figures, leaving little room for the human touch.

This approach can result in a dry, impersonal brand image that fails to resonate with audiences.

To truly connect with potential customers, brands need to move beyond the surface and reveal the individuals who make their company tick.

This is where brand videos excel, allowing you to tell your story through the voices of your employees.

Landy Insurance: A Family Affair, A Brand Story

Our recent collaboration with Landy Insurance, a family-owned insurance company with a national presence, showcases the power of people-centric brand videos.

We spent a day interviewing employees, including members of the Landy family, to capture the essence of the company’s history, culture, and values.

The Making of the Video: Lights, Camera, Interviews!

operating the Steadicam
Operating the Steadicam.

We filmed the interviews in a conference room, utilizing two different backgrounds to add visual interest.

Our director of photography, Jake Thomas, used Kino Flo lights to create a warm, inviting atmosphere, while our Sony FS7 camera captured every nuance of the interviewees’ expressions and emotions.

To create a dynamic and engaging video, we employed a Steadicam for smooth, flowing shots.

We also set up a wireless monitor so we could monitor the footage in real-time, ensuring we captured the perfect moments.

B-roll and Beyond: Weaving the Story Together

Our B-roll footage included a mix of staged and candid shots, showcasing employees at work, interacting with each other, and simply being themselves.

These moments added a layer of authenticity to the video, providing a glimpse into the daily life of the Landy Insurance team.

The Skillman Video Group Approach: Crafting a Compelling Narrative

Our process begins long before the cameras start rolling.

During our discovery phase, we immerse ourselves in our client’s brand, learning about their history, values, and goals.

This deep understanding informs our pre-production planning, where we develop interview questions and meticulously plan every detail of the shoot.

After the shoot, we embark on a rigorous editing process, refining the footage, adding music and motion graphics, and ensuring the final product aligns perfectly with our client’s vision.

The Result: A Brand Video That Resonates

The Landy Insurance brand video is a powerful testament to the impact of human storytelling.

By showcasing the faces and voices of its employees, the company has created an authentic, engaging narrative that resonates with viewers and builds a stronger brand connection.