Integration Across Social Media Platforms

Creating great social marketing content is essential to an organizations growth and development. It is important to get the word out, to make people sit up and pay attention, especially when there is so much out there for people to see, hear, and engage with. So what good is strong and compelling content without the wide world taking notice? It’s like the old saying: ‘All dressed up and no where to go.’

One way to help ensure viewership is to start integrating your content across multiple social media platforms. If you create a blog post about an exciting new initiative, for example, don’t just list it on your organizations main web site. Create a Facebook page, and post it there. Then link that to a twitter feed, and tweet your ideas out to the world. When a person clicks on the link to your content, make sure to include a loop back to other information or content on your Facebook page or website. In this way, you create a continuous, self-sustaining stream of material, instead of single blips of content. It can seem like overkill, but it is vital when designing a social marketing campaign.

As you design and put out more content, each individual piece becomes a link in a larger strand. Instead of a few isolated videos or posts, it is an entire constellation that, when added together, provides a larger picture for the world to see. This is the essence of social marketing: to develop content that tells the story of your company in the most effective way possible.  Skillman Video Group is a Boston Video Production Company. Call us anytime at 800-784-0140.