Corporate Video Shoot at SVG

How to Produce a Corporate Video

At SVG, every intern is given the opportunity to plan, shoot, and edit their own brand video, which is meant to depict the company’s message in an individual, creative, and informative way. The main message of this summer’s intern video is to give SVG’s viewership and potential clients a personal look into what SVG is all about as a Boston video production company. For this particular video, the discovery process was an important part of pre-production, as there were a few questions which discussed SVG as a company and as an individual brand. They are as follows:

  • SVG is a Boston Video Production Company. What were the reasons that SVG was started?
  • What makes video one of the most important means of communication? What makes it so impactful?
  • What are the biggest obstacles SVG has faced? How have they contributed to the business’ success? What are some of SVG’s greatest achievements?

What is the most important aspect of running a business?

The prompts were established and discussed before shooting began, and are going to be included in the actual video as a question and response format, presented as a voiceover. When the answers to those questions are directly given from SVG, it sheds light on the personable and moving aspects that every businesses is build upon, but are not always visible.

Corporate Video Shoot at SVG 1

How to Shoot a Corporate Video

Shooting took place primarily on July 28th in the office and in the surrounding areas of Faneuil Hall and the Wharf. In order to emphasize that the company is centrally located in the heart of Boston, it was important to gather a substantial amount of B-Roll to complement the voiceover. Production is almost finished, and the editing process should be completed in the first few weeks of August. The video will be distributed on all of SVG’s social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, which demonstrates the importance of social media marketing. This type of brand video is unique, because by diving a little deeper, and by touching upon some of the company’s history and founding principles directly from the company, viewers are able to see what SVG truly strives for.

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