Know Your Goals: Intern Video Production

Video Production Tips

All interns at Skillman Video Group are taught the steps and techniques to creating successful video marketing content. Our professional Boston video production team works closely with each intern to show them to ropes of corporate video production and guide them to creating and understanding modern video marketing and SEO. The interns are all required to create a short video for the SVG website at the end of their internship incorporating what they have learned with their personal style. This project may seem simple, but there are many stages of production that each come with their own set of challenges and goals.

Why is Pre-Production Important?

The first step to any type of corporate video production is brainstorming a list of ideas and DSC_0744writing several drafts of the script for your video. Even if you’re making an interview style video, you should still have a list of questions and loose narrative of the video prepared. Once the script is finalized the interns must start planning their execution of the script, this means they must cast each role in the video, decide what locations they want to use and evaluate what equipment is available to them. Once all of this is organized it is time to set a shoot date and start learning lines.

Goals: write a script, set a shoot date, select your team and equipment

Video Production Shoot

DSC_0855When the intern’s shoot date has arrived it is important that they remain prepared and on task. This may be the most time-sensitive portion of the video marketing project because there is a very tight schedule on set and even the most minor setbacks can dangerously affect your video. The interns typically act in their videos as well as record them, so that can also pose a series of challenges. Acting requires patience and composure because the subjects must remain still and repeat lines with the same infliction multiple times for the many takes of each scene. When you are filming and acting, this can be double as tedious and exhausting, but luckily the SVG teaches interns to maintain a positive and fun attitude.

Goals: Film various takes of every scene in the script, get some extra footage for b-roll, take a lot of pictures, cooperate, and communicate with everyone on set

What is Post Production?

The video really comes together in the last stage of professional video production production DSC_0743because this is when all of the little pieces are cleaned up and strung together to create the final production. Editing may be very time consuming if you are unfamiliar with the software like iMovie and Final Cut Pro, but remember that practice makes perfect. Once the video is complete the first thing that any smart intern does is share it on every social media platform. Post a link on Facebook and Twitter and write about it in your blog. The only way to get a large amount of people to view the video that you worked so hard on is to share it!

How to Set Realistic Goals for Video Production

Goals: Use editing software to assemble your story and finish the video, share and promote your online video, and start brainstorming your next video 😉

Once your video is complete and has been promoted using proper SEO techniques it is time for the SVG intern to pat themselves on the back and be proud of their accomplishments. Remember that every great videographer started out as an intern!

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