The Journey of an SVG Intern: From Script to Screen

Learning the Ropes

The Journey of an SVG Intern: From Script to Screen 1

At Skillman Video Group, interns are taught the essential steps and techniques to create successful video marketing content.

Our team works closely with each intern, guiding them through the intricacies of corporate video production and modern video marketing, including SEO strategies.

By the end of their internship, each intern is required to create a short video for the SVG website, incorporating everything they’ve learned into their personal style.

While this project might seem simple, it encompasses many stages of production, each with its own set of challenges and goals.

Brainstorming and Scriptwriting

The first step in any video project is brainstorming a list of ideas and writing several drafts of the script.

Even for an interview-style video, a list of questions and a loose narrative must be prepared. Once the script is finalized, the interns begin planning its execution.

This involves casting roles, selecting locations, and evaluating available equipment. With everything organized, the next step is setting a shoot date and starting to learn lines.

Goals: Write a script, set a shoot date, select your team and equipment.

Preparing for the Shoot

When the shoot date arrives, interns must remain prepared and on task. This is the most time-sensitive part of the project, as any minor setbacks can significantly affect the video.

Interns typically act in their videos and record them, which poses additional challenges. Acting requires patience and composure, as subjects must remain still and repeat lines with the same inflection multiple times for various takes.

Filming and acting simultaneously can be tedious and exhausting, but SVG teaches interns to maintain a positive and fun attitude throughout the process.

Goals: Film various takes of every scene in the script, get extra footage for B-roll, take lots of pictures, cooperate, and communicate with everyone on set.

Bringing the Video Together

The video truly comes together in the last stage of production—editing. This is when all the little pieces are cleaned up and strung together to create the final product.

Editing can be very time-consuming, especially for those unfamiliar with software like iMovie and Final Cut Pro, but practice makes perfect.

Once the video is complete, smart interns share it on every social media platform. Posting links on Facebook and Twitter, and writing about it in a blog, are crucial steps to ensure that a large audience views the hard work put into the video.

Goals: Use editing software to assemble your story and finish the video, share and promote your online video, and start brainstorming your next video.

Celebrating Achievements

Once the video is complete and has been promoted using proper SEO techniques, it’s time for the SVG intern to pat themselves on the back and be proud of their accomplishments.

Every great videographer started as an intern, and the skills and experiences gained during this internship lay the foundation for a successful career in video production.