Intern Video Shoot

Intern Video Shoot 1Intern Video Shoot

On August 8th, 2018, Skillman Video Group shot a YouTube Video that was written and directed by their summer intern, Bridget Wixted. The shoot began at 10:00 AM and went until about 2 in the afternoon, which was good for Boston video production. It required three actors in addition to Christina Skillman and Bridget Wixted.

The shoot began at 10:00 AM with the three actors helping Bridget bring her equipment in and setting it up at the SVG office. They used two softbox lights to light the set, making sure there were no dark areas that would ruin the footage. The lighting changed slightly when they moved on from the intro of the video to the first scene, and then again when they changed to the second scene.Intern Video Shoot 2

For a camera, Bridget used her Nikon D3400 and tripod to film. She used a variety of wide shots, close up shots, and medium shots to get all the angles she needed. In video production Boston, it is important to get all possible shots you need in order to have a successful video.Intern Video Shoot 3

After all of the indoor scenes were shot, including three single interviews, three interviews with Christina Skillman, as well as the introduction of the video, the crew took a lunch break and then moved outside for the final scene.

The final scene was to be shot outside for a different effect from the rest of the video. The crew walked around for a while until they found a suitable location for shooting. Then they set up the microphone and shot the rest of the video. The wind was the only issue; it caused disturbance in the audio for a while. However, it quieted down after a while, and the crew was able to record.

Overall, the intern video shoot in Boston video production companies was a success. Bridget got all the audio and video she needed, and the actors did a great job.

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