Internship Reflections: A Hands-On Learning Experience at Skillman Video Group

(April 27, 2010) This week marks the end of my enriching journey at Skillman Video Group. Three months ago, I embarked on a venture as an Internet & Video Marketing Intern, filled with anticipation and eager to dive into the digital marketing world.

A Real-World Learning Curve

Mike, "The Intern" helping out on our shoot at Duane Morris LLP
Mike, “The Intern” helping out on our shoot at Duane Morris LLP

Initially uncertain about the challenges ahead, I am thrilled to share that the experience surpassed my expectations. Unlike many typical internships that involve mundane tasks, I was thrust into the heart of active projects from day one. I never found myself saddled with menial tasks; instead, I engaged directly in substantial, skill-building activities.

I assumed the role of a production assistant on numerous video shoots, gaining hands-on experience with everything from lighting setups to managing complex video equipment. This exposure helped me understand the nuances of professional video production deeply.

Creative Opportunities and Professional Development

One of the highlights was producing and editing a “behind the scenes” video press release for the company website—a task that allowed me to hone my technical skills in a real-world application. Simultaneously, I contributed to this blog, enhancing my writing skills and grasping the intricacies of SEO and online marketing strategies.

Perhaps the most significant opportunity was being entrusted to create and produce an original viral video, “Gerry’s Waterbed Emporium.” This project allowed me to exercise creative freedom and explore innovative filming and editing techniques, such as using a green screen. The support from Skillman Video Group’s producers was instrumental in fostering a creative and experimental environment, enhancing both my confidence and abilities in video production.

Conclusion and Gratitude

Reflecting on these past three months, this internship has been a transformative period of professional growth and personal discovery. I ventured into various aspects of video production, from conceptualization to final edits, each step packed with valuable lessons and professional insights.

I wholeheartedly recommend an internship at Skillman Video Group for anyone looking to seriously delve into video production and digital marketing. The real-world experience and professional mentorship provided here are unparalleled.

As I bid farewell to this chapter, I extend my deepest gratitude to everyone at SVG for their support and for fostering an environment that is both challenging and supportive. Thank you for making my internship experience exceptionally rewarding.

Mike McGuinness