Interns Take on Video Challenge

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With filming well under way for our intern video, we’d like to talk about the cinematic and technical choices made for our marketing video! As interns in a Boston professional video production company, we’ve been somewhat spoiled with our access to state of the art equipment. You need a Boston videographer? Skillman Video Group has you covered! Professional questions about the lighting and sound options available? No problem! SVG has it all! However, once we took on the challenge of using our own resources (to exemplify to the kinds of resources that are available to anyone not using a professional video production company), we were on our own and had to get creative!

How to Film on your iPhone

For the theme of the video, we filmed with the new iPhone 7. While it isn’t the kind of professional camera equipment that a videographer might use, there are some new features that made it easier to work with:

  • f/1.8 aperture lens
  • Optical image stabilization
  • Six-element lens providing even better sharpness and image quality
  • “Wide color” capability achieving cinema standard color
  • 4-LED True Tone flash
  • Anti-flicker sensor
  • High-speed image sensor
  • 12 mega-pixel rear-facing camera (same as iPhone 6s and 6s Plus)

A lot of these features made for an easier shoot, rather than using an 15058544_1623819724588836_259369090_nolder, out-dated mobile device. However, we will say that problems did arise. A lot of these awesome photographic features are perfect for exactly that: photography. When you’re filming, it’s a bit of a different situation. Most professional video production requires certain kinds of shots and effects (close-up’s, zooming in and out, wide angle lenses, etc) that our iPhone was unable to equally match in quality. It did limit the kinds of shots we could take, but in an effort to further show people how homemade video quality is not as wonderful as hiring video production professionals, we knew we had to stick with our phones.

iphone Video Tips

There is a wonderful new application on iPhones that is available to buy called “Filmic Pro”. This camera app is especially designed for filmmakers looking for a wider variety of mobile phone tools. A few of these features, as listed on their iTunes page, are listed as follows:

  • Standard, manual and hybrid shooting modes. A shooting style for any skill level.
  • Apple Watch support for remote start/stop and live video preview.
  • Portrait and Landscape shooting orientations.
  • Variable speed zoom with zoom presets.
  • Sync audio frame rates of 24, 25, 30, 48* 50* and 60* fps. (* iPhone 6 and 6s series only).
  • High speed frame rates of 60,120,240 fps (hardware dependent).
  • Action slider with extensive controls for live shooting adjustments.
  • Support for 240fps on iPhone 6 and 6s.
  • 2K and 3K resolutions with audio (hardware dependent).
  • Slow and fast motion FX options.
  • Timelapse.
  • Tri-mode histogram.
  • Adjust video settings after capture (Exposure, contrast, saturation, tint, color temperature).
  • Downsampling.
  • Customizable saved personal presets.
  • Aspect ratio framing guide overlays.
  • Thirds guide for dynamic composition.

Professional Video Production Company

img_0086These camera features definity helped us tremendously, but where things got tricky was with lighting and sound. Like we wrote earlier, we have been spoiled at SVG with access to superb professional video production equipment. Our video production professionals come to set ready with the tools and knowledge needed for every component of a successful film shoot: the best lighting fixtures, sound microphones, and everything in between. For lighting, we had to rely heavily on natural outdoor lighting, as well as regular indoor lights. The indoor lights were often too dim or too harsh (and very seldom in between), and the outdoor lights were always subject to change at a minute’s notice (clouds casting shadows, sun’s glare, etc). For sound, we used the microphone features of the iPhone as a makeshift external mic. The quality was surprisingly good, however it made things difficult when shooting two person scenes – placing an iphone in between two actors without being noticeable is a difficult feat, let me tell you!

Video Production Tips

We have certainly been exposed to the ease and quality that comes with working alongside a professional video production company. Our entire internship has been spent at video shoots and meetings where everything you need to create a professional video is at your fingertips. Now, as we take on this intern video challenge with only the everyday tools available (as most people use when trying to make their own video), we realize just how stress-free and successful creating video content can be with video professionals!

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