Transforming Internship Experiences at Skillman Video Group: A Gateway to Video Marketing Expertise

Discovering Opportunities in Video Marketing

Skillman Video Group Intern

During my senior year at college, I embarked on a quest to find an internship that would not only broaden my marketing skills but specifically enhance my understanding of video marketing.

My journey began in the college’s marketing and communications office, where a recommendation pointed me toward Christina Skillman and Skillman Video Group (SVG).

Following an initial connection through one of Christina’s first interns, I secured an interview and soon after, my internship journey with SVG commenced.

Initial Impressions and Real Work

Contrary to my initial apprehensions about typical internships, which often involve mundane tasks like filing paperwork or making coffee runs, my experience at Skillman Video Group was refreshingly engaging from the start.

Christina wasted no time in immersing me in meaningful projects.

My tasks ranged from writing blog posts that enhanced the company’s SEO, to assisting on live video shoots—a testament to SVG’s commitment to providing a hands-on learning environment.

Diving Deep into Video Production

As the internship progressed, I found myself deeply involved in the operational aspects of video marketing.

This wasn’t just about observing; I was actively participating and contributing to real client projects. One of the most thrilling aspects was being entrusted with creating motion graphics.

Though initially daunting, the challenge turned into a valuable skill set, thanks largely to Christina’s encouragement and trust in my abilities.

The Value of Hands-On Experience

The exposure to various facets of the video production process was incredibly enriching.

I learned about the intricacies of shooting techniques, the importance of lighting and sound, and the post-production workflow that brings a video project to fruition.

These experiences were complemented by client interactions, which offered insights into the business and creative considerations involved in video marketing.

Mentorship and Growth

Under Christina’s mentorship, I not only gained practical skills but also learned the importance of strategic thinking in marketing.

Her approach to teaching—centered on critical thinking and problem-solving—has left a lasting impact on my professional outlook.

Final Reflections and Advice

Looking back, the internship at SVG was a transformative experience that went far beyond my expectations.

It equipped me with a robust set of skills and a deep understanding of the video marketing industry.

For those considering an internship at Skillman Video Group, my advice is to embrace the opportunity wholeheartedly.

The experience is challenging, rewarding, and immensely valuable for anyone serious about a career in marketing or video production.