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As part of the SVG internship experience, our Summer intern was given the chance to write, shoot, and edit her own brand video for the company, which gave her a firsthand look into Boston video production. While she has created a number of short films for her film classes, this was the first time she was representing the interests and visions of another person, let alone an entire company. Her own style had more to do with the personal aspects of a business rather than a comedic or satirical take, which would not have come naturally. In light of this, she set out to establish a series of meaningful talking points to be discussed when recording the voiceover. This genre was chosen in order to tell a tangible story that resonates with audiences, as a meaningful subject has a better chance of being identified with. Initially, the video’s primary points pertained to the importance of video, the obstacles of running a business, and SVG’s history. The goal was to have all of these subjects adequately represented, but in post, it was realized that the narrative seemed a bit disjointed. The initial aim for the video then shifted towards telling a concrete story, rather than the discussion of various subjects that pertain to running a business.

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The first talking point, which explored the company’s first few years, is now the primary subject of the video. Once this was established, other thematics concepts innately become introduced. These include the importance of businesses to have market adaptability, perseverance, and an overall understanding of their industry. Once the video is complete, it will be optimized both on SVG’s main site and on our YouTube channel.

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In post, composing the words into a cohesive story was the most difficult process. Other steps included color correcting the video, changing the levels of both the dialogue and the music, and establishing a meaningful shot progression. When creating a video, it is important that these components are not separate entities, but rather must be incorporated together seamlessly in order to produce successful content. In order to tell the correct story, there are various copies of the video with different options and editorial sequences The final product will be whichever version that best captures SVG’s message and history, and the video will be optimized and posted to several of SVG’s social media platforms and YouTube channel.

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