Lecture Video Series from SVG

With our ever-shorter attention spans, why would anyone make a 45-minute web video? “Shorter is better” has become a cliché in online video marketing. But SVG and Hebrew at the Center think long videos can work in education settings, which is why we keep working together on lecture videos.

So does TED.

TED started as a exclusive lecture conference selling tickets for £3000-£4000, a price tag so exclusionary as contradict their mission of spreading good ideas. When they posted their lectures online 2006 they gained 500 million viewers in just two years. Millions want the in-depth content that a longer video contains.

That’s the kind of audience you could reach if you take your lectures out of the classroom and onto the web. Not only could you deliver educational content to a limitless audience, but the exposure would be a valuable tool for fundraising efforts.

That is why Hebrew at the Center keeps coming to Skillman Video Group. We shoot lectures for the organization that they use in classroom and online settings as part of their educational efforts. The 40-minute videos deliver lessons on Hebrew that can be distributed on the web or with DVD to supplement other educational materials. The videos also work as fundraising tools by increasing awareness and demonstrating HATC’s commitment to and expertise in Hebrew education.

HATC is now talking to SVG about shooting some shorter marketing videos showing students of their program. Follow our RSS feed to hear more about our work with education and fundraising campaigns. Check out our portfolio for examples of how your organization can use long form education videos.