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Thought Leadership Video Series

L.E.K. is an international consulting firm that has been working with our Skillman Video Group Boston video production team since 2016. Over the past two years we have worked with L.E.K. to produce dozens of thought leadership videos, general practice introductory videos and even collaborated with their marketing team to develop video brand standards used around the globe.

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Pre-production was a big part of this video production shoot which took place in Chicago, Illinois. Thought leadership videos are a great way for consulting firms to showcase their talent and expertise but they require us as the video producers to really know the content and the audience for that content.
To help our Boston video producers to do that, we interviewed by phone 11 of L.E.K.’s Managing Directors. When conducting interviews, we always want our interviewees to feel comfortable and be able to answer the questions on camera with confidence and ease. It may seem counterintuitive, but sometimes being overly prepared or trying to script answers to questions ahead of time actually slows down the process and hinders authenticity. By putting all of our interviewees through our discovery and pre-production process, and speaking with them at least by phone prior to the shoot date, it helped create trust between the director and the interviewee. From these conversations, our production team was also able to develop the interview questions and answer any questions the subjects may have about the creative process.  

Video Production Company

For this particular thought leadership video series, our SVG CEO, producer, and director, Christina Skillman, was flown out to Chicago to oversee and direct the shoot. However, unlike our normal Boston video production shoots, Christina had to research and hire a local Chicago video crew. The Chicago video crew hired provided top of the line video production services despite not being in our home market. 

How to Ask Question in Interviews

The shoot took just one day, and went very smoothly. In fact, each interview took just around 30 minutes to complete. The client was thoroughly impressed with the efficiency of the interviews and how well the Managing Directors spoke on camera. As stated earlier, we want the interviewees to feel comfortable during the interview, so Christina will often ask questions “off script” to create a dialogue and capture the most effective and engaging answers possible. 

Video Production Set Up

We used two cameras for the 11 thought leadership videos shot in Chicago. One element we wanted to be sure to include was the Chicago skyline in the background. Though the large floor to ceiling windows provided beautiful views, they also let in a lot of sunlight. This can cause a lot of difficulties for the videographer, due to constant natural light change from cloud cover or the sun shifting its position throughout the day. One way to counteract this is by using a lot of bright lights, but this can be intimidating for the interviewee and be very hot to sit underneath. In order to get the shot we needed without having to constantly maneuver the cameras or the lights, we used something called neutral density (ND) gel. This gel was was put over the windows to soften the sunlight and allowed us to shoot the interviews while still capturing the magnificent Chicago skylines.

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