Live Event Prep at L.E.K. Consulting

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On March 22, Skillman Video Group, a Boston video company, was tasked with broadcasting a live event out of thelive event L.E.K. Consulting offices in downtown Boston. A project like this requires a lot of hard work, dedication, and patience. There is no room for error and every possible problem that could arise needs to be thought of and prepared for. That is why on March 21, the day before the broadcast, we spent the day inside their offices evaluating the setting. Our plan was to turn their conference room into a television studio.

Live Event Streaming Services

L.E.K. is an international company with offices all over the world. They have used SVG’s video production services on many occasions so came back to us when the need arose. Their plan was to use our Boston video company to webcast a meeting of their managing directors live over the internet. Living all over the world, many of their directors could not make it to the meeting taking place in downtown Boston but thanks to current webcasting technology, were able to participate in the meeting over the web. Working together L.E.K.and the webcasting engineers at SVG decided onBlueJeans, a webcasting platform developed by Cisco Systems, as the carrier of the meeting. This platform was compatible with existing technology at L.E.K. and has high security systems in place.  It took a lot of planning to ensure our video production equipment  was compatible with L.E.K.’s codec and Blue Jeans platform .

How do you do a Live Stream?

The day before the live event broadcast, our team gathered at the downtown Boston offices  of L.E.K. to prepare for the shoot. We had to set up the equipment being used for the webcast. The room had three rows of seats forming a half circle that sat about 75 people. The president of the company was to be standing in the front of the room while leading the meeting. We used three cameras for the webcast. Two were on each side of the speaker and a third was placed in the back of the room. For lighting, we had three open faced fixtures set up behind each camera. We added color gels and diffusion to each light to ensure that the subjects would be webcast in the proper light.

Live Stream Set-Up

boston video companyOther than the meeting room, two other rooms were utilized during the live event broadcast. One was our control room, where the director was to be running the show. The other room was the A/V room inside the L.E.K office. This is where we ran all our video and audio. The A/V room and the control room were not that close to each other so it required running a lot of cable. We ran cable from the A/V room to the control room, and from the control room into the meeting room where it ran to our cameras and com boxes. Running all the cable was necessary so that all of the sound and images could be broadcasted over BlueJeans. The speaker was to wear a lavalier mic. In addition, all of the seats in the room were equipped with their own microphones. Whenever someone in the audience wanted to speak, all they had to do was press the button next to their mic and the whole room and entire web cast could hear them. After everything was taped down and hooked up correctly, we just had to run a test to make sure it worked. And it did!

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This set up day was important because it was necessary to test the strength of the video and audio signal coming from LEK’s offices in Boston to other sites around the world.  When producing such an important live event production – there was no room for error!

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