Mastering Live Webcasts: Skillman Video Group’s Seamless Production for L.E.K. Consulting

Mastering Live Webcasts: Skillman Video Group’s Seamless Production for L.E.K. Consulting 1

L.E.K. Consulting, an international consulting firm with offices in downtown Boston, enlisted Skillman Video Group (SVG) to produce a live webcast for their important meeting.

With offices worldwide, many of L.E.K.’s directors couldn’t attend the Boston meeting in person, making a live webcast the perfect solution.

As a recurring client, L.E.K. knew the quality of SVG’s work, but this was the first time they had hired us for webcasting services, and we were eager to rise to the challenge.

Turning a Conference Room into a Studio

The day before the live webcast, our team transformed the L.E.K. conference room into a professional television studio.

We used a three-camera setup: one camera on each side of the main speaker and one at the back of the room. The camera in the back provided a wide “safety” shot, which the Director could cut to at any time while the other two cameras focused on specific speakers or audience members.

live webcast

The side cameras were essential for capturing close-ups of the main speaker and moving around the room as needed during audience interactions.

Setting up also involved extensive cabling to ensure all audio/visual components were properly connected.

This preparation was crucial for a seamless live webcast, as we needed to be ready for any technical issues that might arise. We conducted a thorough test of the webcasting platform, BlueJeans, developed by Cisco Systems, to ensure everything was in working order.

Coordinating the Live Event

The meeting, running from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., was highly sensitive, with all managing directors present to vote on the company’s future direction.

The Director called the shots from the control room, coordinating between the main speaker and various audience members who spoke throughout the day. Each seat in the conference room was equipped with a microphone, allowing attendees to participate in the discussions.

Occasionally, an audience member would forget to turn on their mic, causing minor audio issues. Despite these small hiccups, the webcast proceeded smoothly, capturing the voting results and concluding the live event successfully.

Striking the Set

After the meeting, it was time to strike the set. The key to breaking down a set is to leave the location exactly as you found it.

This means removing all gaffing tape, restoring any alterations made to the conference room, and ensuring all equipment brought in was taken out. We carefully disassembled the mic stands and packed up our cameras and lighting equipment.

Leaving a clean, undisturbed space is essential for maintaining a good impression with the client.

Reflections on Live Event Production

Live event production can be stressful, but it’s also incredibly rewarding. No matter what challenges arise during the event, adaptability and thorough preparation are critical to success.

This project with L.E.K. Consulting showcased SVG’s ability to deliver high-quality live webcasts, even under demanding conditions. By being prepared for anything and everything, we ensured the event went off without a hitch, reinforcing our reputation for excellence in video production.