Marketing and How To Videos for ProWindows

This week Skillman Video Group begin filming a series of videos for ProWindows, a replacement window and door company located in Waltham, Massachusetts. The first video Skillman Video Group filmed was an Internet marketing video featuring the owner of ProWindows.

Christina Skillman and client Jeff Fisher work together

Christina Skillman and client Jeff Fisher work together

Next, Skillman Video Group recorded three instructional videos. These videos focus on care and maintenance of ProWindow’s products and will be placed on their website for customers. In addition, ProWindows will also use their instructional videos on social media websites such as YouTube. Shortly, SVG will work again with ProWindows to film more instructional videos.

Skillman Video Group worked with the client to script every video prior to filming. SVG used high-end video technology and extensive lighting to produce an extremely sharp image. All filming was done at ProWindows’ Waltham location. If you are interested in having Skillman Video Group produce a video for your company, contact us today.