Meeting Client’s Needs: SVG’s Shoot at Park West Gallery

Park West Gallery and Autumn DeForest

Park-West-TwoLast week, Park West Gallery hosted an auction at the Ritz Carlton in downtown Boston, and SVG was there to document the event. But, the auction itself wasn’t the only reason patrons attended the gathering. They arrived at the Ritz Carlton to experience the work of Autumn de Forest. De Forest is “an artistic genius,” who has captivated the attention of the art world through a mastery of color and style. Oh, and also she was born after the start of the new millennium, in 2001. Truly, being able to document portions of this event, for distribution via web video, was a once-in-a-lifetime honor. We wanted to insure that our video production quality fulfilled the expectations and standards of Park West.

Interestingly enough, SVG was contacted only a a few days before the event itself. But, facilitating short term requests is never a problem for us. Along with making the deadline, we were warned about past difficulties with audio, requested to shoot in beautiful 4K video, and Park West only wanted us to record the footage for later in-house editing. We went into the event without a ton of time to plan in pre-production. But, of course, SVG was more than prepared to offer our film and video services to meet exactly what Park West envisioned.

The Broad Strokes


When producing online video of a large event, such as the auction at the Ritz carlton, one of the biggest challenges that needs to be anticipated is audio troubles. Maybe there will be too much background noise, or people speak too softly to get picked up on a microphone. That’s why, for an event like this, we at here Skillman make capturing clean audio a top-most priority.

When video is used as a web marketing tool, audio often takes a back seat to the visuals of the media, but what you hear is as important as what you see. Nothing sends the message “we have no idea how to produce our Youtube video” quite like inadequate audio.

And, on that note, capturing beautiful video is our job (obviously). So, to effectuate our high standards, we brought a slew of LED lights to make sure our recordings were beautifully illuminated. Like our entire approach to this event, we chose our lighting equipment based on what would offer us the most flexibility. Whatever we needed to record, we knew we had the tools to successfully get the job done, and get the footage to Park West Gallery on the same day.

The Finer Details


For the shoot, SVG utilized a multi-microphone set up including what are referred to as “boom” and “lavalier” microphones. These microphones pick up audio in different ways for different effect, as some microphones are more equipped to record room ambience while others are designed to pick up a person’s speech. Through the variety of our sound equipment, we were able to simultaneously record different parts of the room with clarity. An approach like this is only available when media professionals know how to approach a space to most effectively present it later as web video, and a professional approach to web video is what Skillman offers.

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