Meeting with L.E.K. Consulting

live event productionOn Monday, March 13, Skillman Video Group, a video production company, met with L.E.K. Consulting  to discuss plans for their upcoming shoot. On March 22, SVG will be producing a live meeting of the L.E.K. board members at their downtown Boston office. The purpose of the meeting was to lay down the groundwork for the live event production taking place next week.

Turning the meeting room at the L.E.K. offices into a broadcast studio is an hard work and takes a lot of time as there are always some technical issues that need to be figured out to ensure that the shoot goes smoothly. For an event this size a webcast is the way to go because people from all over the world will be in attendance and it isn’t logical to expect everyone to be there in person. That being said, the technology has to be seamless. The Blue Jean platform, powered by Cisco systems will be providing us with enough bandwidth to help the production go off without a hitch. Blue Jeans also allows for questions to be asked back and forth during the meeting which is not something offered by all webcasting services. In a live event production there is no room for error so we need to video production companymake sure the webcasting engineer has everything they need to be successful.

This meeting is also used to iron out other technical aspects of the shoot. Coordinating our equipment with theirs is vital. Do our a/v components match with what they have?  We need to know where the best place for the talent to sit so that the correct lighting can be used.  How many crew members does the working space allow us? Finding out where all the power sources are will help us run cable appropriately. You want to know beforehand if there are any other elements that may disturb the meeting. Maybe filters are needed for the windows to help block out sunlight. Now is the time to find out and make any necessary adjustments. You don’t want to be caught off guard at the last minute. That will lead to the production suffering.  Again, since L.E.K. is a recurring client, some of these items will be easier to handle than others but they can not be ignored.

As a video production company, we know how important the planning is to the success of a project. The more meticulous we are in planning the better prepared we will be. We need to be confident that if anything unexpected occurs the day of the shoot, we can handle it without it affecting the production.

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