MIT Sloan Presentations

Professional Video ShootWhat is MIT Sloan?

MIT Sloan is a program that is devoted to educating scholars to lead in their respective fields of research and go on to teach in the most prestigious universities around the world.

Shooting a Live Event

The scholars presenting spoke about their dissertations projects. These are very detailed projects where a presentation alone can be well over an hour. These scholars only had fifteen minutes to present. Ranging from all kinds of topics from marketing to accounting, and Economic Sociology to name a few. These scholars had to present to the best of their ability. Not only were they competing with their colleagues, but the winner would win a prize. Having these presentations recorded can be very beneficial for them. It allows these hard workers to be able to share their work online, and with other colleagues. They can even use these videos to promote their work in their portfolio

Live Video Production Services

Before the MIT Presentations, Skillman Video Group intern, Chris Acevedo, met with Professional Videographer Chuck Green, who has been a Director Of Photograpghy with SVG for the past 6 years. The production crew set up three cameras in at different angles and even utilized a mirrorless camera, the Panasonic G7, to record the slides as a placeholder for the editor. The set up was like this because with the two cameras filming the public speaker, while as stated earlier, the smaller mirrorless camera was filming all the slides so that the editor knows where the speaker is and when to cut during editing.

Boston Video Production Services

The hardest part about filming a live event is making sure that everything goes smoothly. The MIT video service shoot were live presentations.  In the case of live presentations,  Boston video production companies need to understand the process is different. For the most part on corporate video shoots, the video production team has control over the lighting, audio and shot composition. For a live event, it is a lot harder to maintain perfect control of lighting, audio and video as speakers and audience are there to experience an event live vs for the sole purpose of being recorded for a totally polished marketing video. For the MIT

Professional Video Shoot

Sloan presentation PHD presentations, the camera crew didn’t have control where the subject will walk to, or how often they will walk out of frame. Regardless, we were able to maintain control during the filming of the presentations through the utilization of experiences camera crews with multiple angles.  Often times for live event video production, utilizing larger crews can be beneficial as the production crew is better equipped to adapt as necessary.


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