MIT Sloan’s Phd Presentations

Documenting Dissertations

MIT Sloan Phd CandidateLast Friday, Skillman Video was at MIT Sloan School of Management to document their annual Doctorate Research Forum. They were looking for a professional video service that could provide them with high quality content so that there would be good documentation of the presentations with a fast turnaround. Last year they had hired in-house to produce the video, and the finished product has still not been seen. We were on hand to make sure this year’s dissertations were properly documented and readily available to the students and faculty. We brought in one of our Boston Videographers, and set up two cameras, a light, and two mics to thoroughly capture the presentations.

A Complete Capture

WP_20150320_006In order to capture both the dissertation presentation and the powerpoint slides that accompanied them, we had two cameras set up – for the presenters we had a Sony Alpha 7s DSLR with a Ninja Blade monitor to extend the recording capacity and provide clear feedback and accessible image control. For the powerpoint slides, we had a GoPro 3 focused on the screen to capture the timing and content of each slide – this portion of the footage will only be used in editing the video together, as we are going to add the slides in as graphics in post production, to provide the clearest image quality. For audio, we had a boom mic and a lavalier attached to a Zoom H6 4-channel recorder. Each presenter was mic’d with a lavalier, as well as having the boom on them to capture a little bit of the ambient audio as well as all the different qualities of their voices. After everyone had cleared out, we recorded the room sound using the boom mic so that excess noise could be negated in post. WP_20150320_019

Smooth Sailing for Sloan

WP_20150320_005 The shoot went very smoothly, with all presenters on schedule and in good form as they presented their dissertations. We captured some great looking footage and crisp audio, and we’re sure MIT Sloan will be very pleased with both the end product and the quick turnaround Skillman will be able to provide them.

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