My Internship Experience at Skillman Video Group

(August 16, 2017) – I applied to intern at Skillman Video Group towards the end of my Sophomore year at Boston University.

I found SVG simply by typing in “Boston Video Production Companies” into the search bar on Google. When I e-mailed to about the internship position, I was intrigued by the marketing components of the experience, and how it could be incorporated into video production and distribution.

For the last three months, in addition to attending numerous shoots throughout Boston and Massachusetts, I have been writing weekly blog posts, landing pages, and articles for the microsite.

The subject matter for each post was unique, yet all revolved around SVG’s message, which is to develop video content from a concept, an idea. I learned about Search Engine Optimization, strategies for brand development, the importance of gaining a client’s trust, and several other marketing tactics that I will carry with me throughout the rest of my career.

I also learned how to talk professionally to clients, how to represent a company in a professional way, and how to be an effective member of a production team by providing any assistance that was needed. One of my biggest goals for this internship was to understand the value of teamwork, and after being on set, I have seen that it takes the dedication, passion, and drive of every crew member involved to create something worthwhile.

Moreover, as part of the internship experience, I was able to incorporate what I had learned into my own creative process, thus making my own content that would personalize SVG’s brand. I not only learned about myself as an aspiring filmmaker but also as a potential marketer or consumer. I found that telling an origin story, by expounding upon the basic principles of a company is one of the most effective and genuine forms of marketing.

My Internship Experience at Skillman Video Group 1

Before this internship, my writing was limited to essays for classes and the occasional short story. Working at SVG has helped me fine-tune my own voice and has shaped my writing in a way that can communicate with a broad audience.

I have grown in my personal confidence, conviction, and I now have a firmer grasp on being part of a greater organization and the dedication and work ethic required to achieve a successful result.

Working for SVG has given me real-life experiences that will contribute to my career development, which are opportunities I would not have found in a classroom. SVG has opened doors that I had never considered for myself, and after witnessing the intricacies of running a business, I am inspired to remain receptive to those possibilities.

I am enduringly grateful for this experience, the connections I have made, and the skills I have gained. It has been an honor to work alongside SVG’s CEO and founder, Christina Skillman. Her guidance and training have paved the way for a greater understanding of the video production industry, and I am incredibly excited for what the future has to offer. I would absolutely recommend this internship for anyone looking to see how marketing and video production come together to run a successful business.