Lights, Camera, Compassion: Documenting a Life-Changing Move

shooting using gimbal in apartment

Every video shoot presents its unique set of challenges, and we’ve become adept at navigating the familiar obstacles of corporate office environments.

However, stepping outside our comfort zone often leads to unexpected hurdles that require quick thinking and adaptability.

Our latest project took us to a Dorchester apartment, where a formerly homeless family was about to embark on a new chapter in their lives.

Partnering with the nonprofit Heading Home and their corporate sponsor, HomeTap, we were tasked with documenting this heartwarming move-in day and capturing powerful interviews amidst the organized chaos of thirty bustling volunteers.

Adapting on the Fly: The Art of Staged Authenticity

shooting using Sony FS7 and applying powder

Arriving at the apartment, we quickly realized that the bulk of the move was already complete.

Faced with limited time and a desire to showcase the entire process, we enlisted the help of volunteers to recreate key moments.

Picture frames were taken down and rehung, furniture was rearranged, and the apartment was brought back to life for our cameras.

While some might consider this staged, our goal was to capture the essence of the move and the spirit of community that made it possible.

We remained unobtrusive, capturing genuine interactions and the joy of transformation.

A Dance of Lights and Sound: Overcoming Challenges in a Small Space

Lights, Camera, Compassion: Documenting a Life-Changing Move 1

The interview portion of the shoot presented a new set of obstacles.

The cramped apartment made lighting a delicate balancing act, as we squeezed in equipment while ensuring nothing toppled over.

Open windows, essential for natural light, invited the cacophony of street sounds and volunteer chatter.

To create a comfortable environment for our interviewees, we closed the windows and turned off fans, but the summer heat proved relentless.

We combatted shiny foreheads with translucent powder and strategically placed LED lights to create a flattering glow.

Despite the limitations, we captured powerful interviews using a Sony FS7 camera equipped with both lavalier and boom mics.

The combination of audio sources ensured clear, crisp sound, even amidst the background noise.

Sharing the Story: Amplifying Impact Through Video

Moments after the interviews concluded, we had the privilege of witnessing the family’s emotional arrival at their new home.

This experience reaffirmed the power of video to capture and share stories that inspire and uplift.

If your organization is making a difference in your community, consider the transformative power of video documentation.

Partnering with Skillman Video Group can help you share your impact with the world, enhance your credibility, and motivate others to join you in creating positive change.