On Set: Branded Video for Bond

Bond Day 1Construction companies like to start early. So when you’re hired by one, expect your production to do the same. At 7:00am on Monday, SVG was in Everett, Massachusetts ready to film a video for Bond.

The request? A branding video composed of over 25 interviews with company employees, all shot with different backgrounds over the course of a few days. The location they chose for the production was their main office building. This actually wasn’t the first day of the shoot. We were there last week for a quick half-day to get a few interviews down for some people that wouldn’t be able to make it this week.  During this week’s shoot, however, we had 10 people to record over the course of a single day.Christina

The first half of the day staged the shots in their garage. There were great construction trucks and machines to use as backdrops. Thankfully, there were plenty of outlets to allow for all of the necessary equipment to have power, meaning that all of the scenes could be properly lit. While in the garage, four lights were used: 1 Kino, 1 Omni, and 2 Zylight LEDs. To help things run smoothly, a teleprompter was brought in for the talent, and a professional operator was hired. Her teleprompter required power and was on its own stand, allowing for the camera to stay unattached and remain easily movable.

Here is one of the before and afters:


The second half of the day moved inside to the lobby, following the same core idea: changing and manipulating the background with each new interview. Luckily, this area also provided plenty of electrical outlets for our equipment. With a bigger threat from the natural light shining in through the windows, the lights made a big difference.  That natural light, however, also helped at times, as we only needed 3 lights for some of the interviews.

Check out another one of the before and afters:


Despite the number of interviews and looks, the shoot ended right on time, if not a little early. Plus, we got through everyone that we needed for the day. The next shooting day will be on a live construction site – meaning everyone (including the crew) needs to wear a hardhat and closed toe shoes! Best to be on the safe side.

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