One Door Closes, Another Door Opens: What I Learned from My Internship with SVG

The Skillman Video Group Team

Walking into Uncharted Territory

When I began my internship with Skillman Video Group back in September, I considered myself an adaptable writer and had some experience in video production from school and some freelance projects.  I did not, however, have any formal experience with content writing, SEO, online video marketing, social media marketing, and so on.  I found myself walking into personally uncharted territory, and while it was a little intimidating at first, it ended up being a deeply rewarding experience.

Adapting in a New Environment

While my past experiences had been on the more “creative” side of things, my internship with SVG pushed me to channel those same skills and energies into new areas.  As a content writer for the site’s blog, landing pages, and more, I had to take on the “voice” of SVG: professional, accessible, knowledgeable, and adept.  Writing this content gave me the opportunity to delve into the worlds of SEO, online video marketing, social media account management, etc.  From my very first post on earned media in brand awareness to a post on the possibilities of SEO for 2015, I’ve become knowledgeable and written about topics that I wouldn’t have without this internship.  Aside from that, I’ve also learned a great deal about the video production process, from the planning and research behind pre-production to the actual shoot to everything that comes after (post-production, the launch, surrounding content).  You can learn a lot in nearly four months time.

What Does the Future Hold?

“What does the future hold?”  That is something of a daunting question, but over the past few months, the question has become increasingly less so.  As my time with SVG comes to a close, I can say with great certainty that I feel like I am walking away a much more experienced person with greater confidence in what the future has in store for me.  Sometimes it’s necessary to put yourself in an unfamiliar setting or situation in order to grow and expand your horizons.

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