Parker Scheer Web Marketing Video Shoot

Parker Scheer LLP hired Skillman Video Group to do a series of marketing videos for their new updated website.  They decided adding web marketing videos would be a great way to enhance their website and demonstrate to prospective clients their commitment to quality and to their clients’ cases.  By utilizing the medium of video on the web, Parker Scheer LLP is helping establish a rapport and trust with their audience – before a potential client even picks up the phone!  It’s amazing what technology can do today.

Setting up the lights!

Andrew Nelson, Lighting/Audio Tech for Skillman Video Group - Setting up the lights!

We got to Charlestown for the video shoot bright and early, and immediately worked on transforming a conference room into a studio.  Our lighting expert, Andrew, came and set up a black background, lights, and white boards to get the lighting just right for the shoot.   The clients had decided they wanted their video done in Standard Definition format, which will still look great on the web when done with a high quality professional camera.  The client and the producers collaborated on every thing from the lighting angles to the camera angles to make sure the final product was exactly what they had in mind.  When everything was set up, we invited lawyers Susan Bourque and Eric Parker to come in one by one to speak on camera.     A wireless microphone was placed on their jackets to capture the best audio possible, and we were ready to go!

During their interviews, Skillman Video Group producers asked the two lawyers a number of questions about client service, their approach to handling cases, and how they differ from their competition.

Christina Skillman, Sr. Producer/Principal, Skillman Video Group

Christina Skillman, Sr. Producer/Principal, Skillman Video Group - testing the audio!

The goal was for the speakers to say a number of “soundbites”, or brief statements on each topic.  It’s not always as easy as it sounds!  A great soundbite is both clear and concise, and may require more than one take.  Speaking on camera requires a lot of patience but it’s all a part of the filming process!  Skillman Video Group producers were there every step of the way to make sure the speakers felt comfortable, and offered suggestions as needed to make each clip clear and to the point.  In the end, it was a very successful shoot and Parker Scheer LLP will soon have some new marketing videos to add to their website!