SVG On Set with PerkinElmer

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This past week, Skillman Video Group was very proud to work with PerkinElmer to boston professional video productioncreate footage for their upcoming corporate video. Our CEO Christina Skillman hit the road early with our Boston videographer Michael, and her production assistant Deane. Meeting us on location was additional technical assistance for the teleprompter equipment, a costume designer, a professional actor, and members of the PerkinElmer team. The location of the shoot was at their business facilities in Hopkinton, MA. For any of you unfamiliar with PerkinElmer, they are a genuinely gifted company that helps scientists, clinicians, and lab professionals accelerate their science through innovative detection, imaging, services, and informatics.

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boston corporate video productionAs a new intern with SVG (now on my third video shoot), I have to tell you how incredible it is to see Christina Skillman and her professional video production team completely transform rooms and space (not only at this shoot, but at all shoots in general). What was formerly a simple conference room at 8am in the morning quickly changed into a professional video set by 10am. Professional lighting fixtures and backdrops completely changed the mood of the room, large state of the art video equipment to capture every moment, and crystal clear sound microphones. We have the complete works! It just goes to show that when you hire a top Boston production company, they really come ready to work and deliver you the best product – regardless of where you shoot!

Boston Professional Videographer

As mentioned before, teleprompter equipment was used over the camera lens to ensure accuracy and ease with reading the script. The professional actor had auditioned for this particular role, so there were no surprises on the day of filming: we knew we would be working with an experienced individual who knew exactly what to do. Providing the words on a screen for him only further guaranteed a smooth shoot. With years of experience in countless genres of video work, Christina was able to provide clear and precise direction for the actor when it called for it. “Let us see a little more of your personality on this section” “Slow down on the third line, I want to hear you really punch the last word of the sentence.” This feedback was sure signs that Christina and her professional team, as well as the professional PerkinElmer team, had a very clear idea of what their expectation from the video was. And that’s exactly what the outcome was: a perfectly executed video filmed with the best video production equipment.

Hiring A Professional Video Production Company

There is also something to be said about the collaborative process that comes with hiring our video production company. Many people make the mistake of thinking that a production company does all of the work, or that you do all of the work and the production company just shows up. There is a collaborative process for these shoots; a process that allows all people involved to work with one another, bounce ideas off each other, and develop a clear goal for the outcome of the production. It makes the day(s) of filming very effective because everyone in the room (both behind and in front of the camera) knows exactly what is trying to be accomplished, and how to best achieve it.

SVG and PerkinElmer are very proud of the work that went into our video production shoot last week, and we look forward to all of the success this corporate video footage will bring!

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