Inside SVG’s Pre-Production for Our Upcoming SEO Video Series

Preparing for Launch: The Journey Begins


As we gear up to launch our new series of web videos focusing on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and web video strategy, we at Skillman Video Group (SVG) are deep into the pre-production phase.

This stage is crucial, setting the groundwork for a successful shoot.

From space planning to technical setups, every detail counts.

Mastering the Space: Strategic Planning

One of the consistent challenges in video production is managing the physical space.

For this series, we’ve meticulously measured and planned our studio layout to ensure efficient use of space.

Understanding the filming environment is key to adapting our setup for optimal results, allowing us to anticipate and mitigate potential issues on the day of shooting.

Choosing the Right Equipment: Cameras and Lenses

Selecting the appropriate camera and lens is vital.

For this project, we’ve opted for a 35mm lens on a cropped sensor camera, providing the perfect balance between a wide field of view and minimal distortion—ideal for the limited space of our studio.

Additionally, a two-camera setup will enable us to capture multiple angles simultaneously, enhancing the dynamic of our videos while easing post-production editing.

Innovating with Lighting: LED Solutions

Lighting can make or break a video’s visual quality.


Traditional film lights, while powerful, are not suited for our confined shooting area due to their heat output and space requirements.

Instead, we are utilizing LED lighting panels coupled with a light reflector.

These lights offer adjustable brightness, emit no heat, and are compact, making them perfect for our needs.

Ensuring Pristine Audio: Diverse Sound Solutions

Audio quality is paramount, as poor sound can detract from even the most visually stunning video.

We’ve lined up a robust audio setup including a Zoom H6N audio recorder, lapel microphones for clear dialogue, a shotgun microphone for directional sound, and a hypercardioid microphone attached to the camera for general ambience.

This array ensures that we capture the best possible sound from every angle.

The Role of Thorough Pre-Production

Thorough pre-production is more than just preparation; it’s about foreseeing potential challenges and strategizing solutions ahead of time.

This process involves an ongoing evaluation of tools and techniques to ensure that the actual production runs smoothly and efficiently.

Upcoming Production Insights

Stay tuned as we continue to delve deeper into the specifics of our video series production.

We’ll share insights into the filming process, challenges faced, and how we navigate the complexities of producing compelling, informative SEO content.