PSAs and Video Marketing

(June 3, 2017) – Last Friday, Skillman Video Group met with Richard Colbath-Hess, a board member and founder of the Palestine Advocacy Project. This nonprofit, all-volunteer organization is dedicated to raising awareness about the conflict taking place between the states of Palestine and Israel.

The dispute has transcended ideology and has become a debate regarding human rights. While the evidence is heavily debated and each perspective is undeniably impassioned, as a business, we believe that every narrative has the right to be told. We believe in the importance of opening a dialogue and the importance of telling a story.

With a number of PSAs, PAP chose SVG, a video production company, in order to promote and distribute the videos, a unique and popular form of video marketing. In order to inspire awareness, a video must attract a certain amount of attention. In addition, we are redesigning their website, and introducing the use of social media, all of which are creative and distinctive ways to distribute their message of human rights advocacy and awareness.

SVG believes in helping clients build their brand. As a business that understands the intricacies of SEO and video marketing, we understand the way a client’s entire web presence works and how it can be perceived, which gives us the opportunity to increase a client’s reputability and legitimacy.

In order to achieve this objective, SVG offers guaranteed metrics, a process in which a client is guaranteed a certain amount of followers, views, or website traffic, and we will continue to work until the goal is met. This promise exemplifies the relationship between SVG and our clients. When an organization entrusts us with their brand, it is our responsibility to fulfill their aspirations.

Additionally, one of the most instrumental elements of this project is the discovery process, which illustrates the motive for any organization’s intent. In order to gain momentum and establish a meaningful relationship with your audience, they must know you, like you, and trust you.

It is imperative for them to know the origins, purpose, and meaning behind your organization or business. While every story is worth telling, the backstory, the drive, is even more essential, which is what the discovery process brings to light. SVG will continue to build a successful social media campaign and look forward to the progress that is to come.