Quick Ways to Ensure Mobile Video Optimization

Mobile First!

Mobile Video Optimization

You probably don’t need to be convinced that mobile video is the way of the future. This reality is already evident. Don’t believe me? If you’re in Boston, then just hop on the T and ride it for a few stops. Can you honestly say that you didn’t see anyone on their phone? If you can, then please comment with a response that details this strange alternate reality you have found.

But in all seriousness, as mobile phone use continues to grow every day, more and more folks are choosing to watch videos on their mobile devices. As someone interested in how to market your video content more effectively, you should employ these strategies with every video you put up on sharing sites.

Responsive Design for Mobile

Responsive design is a term that’s used to describe websites and pages that have been coded to reformat themselves to the device their being viewed on. In simpler terms, and for all intents and purposes, a website with responsive design has a “mobile” version, “tablet” version, and a “desktop” version.

Responsive design in the context of video can mean a few different things. Make sure that the video production company you’re working with understands how the video hosting site you’re using will reformat the video for mobile. And, if the video marketing company that you’re working with has landing pages for video content, then make sure the landing pages are coded to be responsive.

Skillman Video Group, Boston’s premier video production company for corporate videos, corporate video ideas, and video marketing, of course understand the importance of responsive design.

Encoding is Key

Make sure your post production team understands proper encoding procedures for mobile video. Is the video in the proper codec, and does it include HTTP Live Streaming? Sometimes HTTP Live Streaming is referred to as Adaptive Streaming, and it basically is what allows you to broadcast a video from your phone to a television without compromising the video’s resolution.


Hey, you know what strategy will actually drive a ton of traffic to your website? Embed a Call to Action, or CTA, into your video. CTAs are direct links from your video to your website or online storefront. When you upload your video to say YouTube, make sure that the CTAs work properly on a mobile device.

Skillman Video Group knows video production and online video marketing. We’ve been at this for over ten years, and we understand some of the most effective strategies for getting your message heard.

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