Sales Force Automation & Video – A Force that Makes a Difference

by Neil Saviano, President of CRM International

CRM / sales force automation software works with companies to help them build their existing business with current customers as well as maximizing new customer development.  Lately video has entered the sales arena as a powerful tool for reaching new and existing clients. Video brings your business or service to life and is an important tool in your marketing and sales arsenal.  The addition of video to technology-driven process actually becomes a part of strategic tactics companies must implement in order to stand out over their competitors.  We chose to partner with Skillman Video Group because we saw similarities in our approach to helping clients grow their business. Our solution integrates CRM with web and e-mail marketing.  We saw Skillman’s application of video to web and e-mail marketing and immediately recognized the potential synergy with our CRM and sales force automation solution.  A powerful example is using our CRM software to e-mail video files produced by Skillman Video Group within an automated sales and marketing process.  This is exciting for us as we introduce our clients to a new tactic within their marketing mix.

All told, staying in touch with customers and prospects is more vital than ever as most markets have escalating competition from areas not seen in past marketing eras.  This is combined with an environment where many products and services are reduced to a commodity and finding a way to make  a difference in the market place is paramount to success.  Learn more about process-driven CRM from our solutions partner, CRM