Searchmercials: A New Development in Video Marketing

Skillman Video Group is constantly developing ideas and following new video trends so as to be able to produce the best video for your company. Often, SVG finds that shirking the traditional approach can be optimal when marketing your company. This may mean, for example, working with Skillman Video Group to launch a “searchmercial” campaign in lieu of basic video marketing may be more suitable for you. A “searchmercial” is a video designed to be found on search engines. Searchmercials are based on the idea of keywords, words or phrases relevant to your company that people often search for on Google. Using SEO, searchmercials focus on certain keywords so that if someone enters “alternative dispute resolution” into Google a video of your firm appears. Searchmercials are typically short and sweet, driving across one specific idea.

Pro-Windows 11To be most effective, searchmercials are created in a series. Rather than filming one longer general marketing video, your company could film multiple 15-30 second long videos. Searchmercials are helpful in social media campaigns  for two reasons.  First,  the  more video content you have online, the higher the  chance of being found on either Google or YouTube. Second, someone searching the internet is more likely to find videos that was explicitly created with Search Engine Optimization and specific key words (targeted towards your audience) built in.

Searchmercials  work more effectively if their content is relevant to current news and trends. This makes it easier for searchmercials to appear in a search; it also makes the viewer more likely to watch them. Say for example a Donald Trump was making headlines over a copyright issue; a law firm could create a short video that opens on the topic of Trump and expands to how they specialize in trademark and copyright work. Someone in the Boston area could find this video when searching this faux Donald Trump saga, just as someone researching trademark and copyright registration could.

Video searchmercials are an innovative new way to promote your business. They combine classic commercial tactics with progressive SEO and video technology. If you are interesting in learning more about searchmercials, video production or Internet marketing, contact Skillman Video Group today!