Brand Development

Our Brand Development Perspective

Skillman Video Group helps companies to appreciate, build, leverage and express their corporate brand. Our team of design and creative experts can assist you with the development of a corporate name and logo. We have successfully launched branding strategies for several corporations, understanding that brands are reflections of an organization’s purpose and value. Therefore, we develop effective  strategies  that are aimed at the brand and its meaning. We then leverage that meaning or message across a multitude of products and services with consistency and impact.

We escort our clients through a process that effectively specifies the brand as a strategic business asset.  This process assists organizations with aligning their strategies, business priorities, communications and culture. We ensure that all internal and external brand activities and brand messaging support a single, powerful development strategy.

Many companies develop marketing strategies without truly understanding what it is they want to achieve. Oftentimes, companies do not even realize who their target market is.  At Skillman Video Group we know that all companies, large or small have a personal story to tell. The way their story is delivered majorly impacts the way your audience receives it. The content  experts and design specialists at SVG work with our clients to understand the nuances of building a brand from logo, to web site design, video content, SEO, company blog and social media.

Our Brand Development Approach:

At SVG, the steps we use for brand development are as follows:

  1. We assist our clients with discovering everything about their target market (both buyers and influencers) to eliminate the guess work.
  2. We perform research analysis of our clients’ competitors and learn how their competitors are selling to the same target markets.
  3. We develop a playing field that emphasizes our clients’ strengths while capitalizing off their competitors weaknesses to offer our clients an edge in their industry.
  4. We help our clients with finding a market niche they can call their own.
  5. We guide our clients to become thought leaders that provide credible information by instructing them to answer critical questions regarding their brand and target market.
  6. We develop a non-conventional and comprehensive marketing strategy that completely surrounds our clients target market.