Social Video Marketing

Social Video Marketing (SVM) is a new service from Skillman Video Group. This service represents a bold approach and methodology to marketing professional quality video through search engine optimization and social media. Social Video Marketing not only enables a business or organization to sell or market a product or service in the most compelling and effective medium possible – video – but also to reach out to prospects utilizing the latest Internet Marketing techniques. The goal of this process is to drive visitors to a video conversion point, where they can actually sample and experience the product or service by watching the client’s professionally produced animation, marketing, product, testimonial or expertise video.

The goal of this process is twofold: 1) to drive traffic to a company’s site through SEO, Social Media and strategic linking and 2) once on the Website, to present enough engaging and informative content that it will convert “casual” web visitors to viable business prospects. At Skillman Video Group we call that the “video conversion point.” Social Video Marketing is the best way to not only increase traffic through an ongoing content strategy and SEO, but to connect immediately with visitors and prospects using Social Media and video.

The term “Social Media” is defined as “media created to be shared freely” and is usually disseminated over the web via social networking sites such as YouTube or Face Book. Video marketing for products and services is a growing trend, and for good reason. Millions of Internet visit websites such as to watch videos each day. 134 million people in the us go online monthly to watch an astounding average of 81 videos for a total of 11 billion videos per month with 71% the total U.S. Internet audience viewed online video for an average of 2.8 minutes per video. To put it simply, video marketing has several advantages over more traditional print, radio, or television marketing and the trend for online marketing videos is just getting started.

Most of all remember the quality of the video content does matter to the ultimate success of any Internet marketing program. A site can be generating thousands of new leads but if the video content lacks polish and falls short, then that’s ultimately how the company or organization in question will be evaluated by the viewers. However if the video content clearly conveys the value and quality of the work you do, you will be far more successful at converting web leads into new clients and customers. By incorporating the social video marketing system developed by Skillman Video Group into your new or existing Internet marketing plan, you will be harnessing the power of video with the power of the internet, and will ultimately receive a much higher rate of return on your investment.

If you are interested in utilizing Social Video Marketing for your business, Skillman Video Group can help you out each step of the way. If you haven’t started testing the waters in Social Media and video – call today to see how we can help!