Video Animation | Boston

What It Is:

Using video as the primary language for online content allows us to leverage a variety of tools to help us better convey story and meaning. Each creative problem we tackle requires a unique solution, and we at SVG are proud to be able to offer video animation as one of our key tools and service packages.

Video animation can seem simple, but when executed well, it opens up entirely new avenues of expression and control. Video animation is particularly useful for expressing services or methodologies that are complex or hard to parse out in the format of a short online video. It takes the storytelling out of the realm of the ‘real’, and creates a new orientation by which to convey a message.

The sky’s the limit when utilizing our video animation services, so let SVG offer this creative solution to your content needs.

Our Approach:

  1. Planning – the first step is to decide how best to use our video animation services
  2. Story Board – the next step is develop a representation of how the animation will be rendered
  3. Production – the third step varies: some videos require real time footage as well, and some are wholly composed from animation. Either way, we capture the content that tells your story. Please visit our portfolio page to see examples!