Skillman Video Group does an In-house Commercial!

IMG_1092 We at Skillman Video Group have decided to take on a new project; make an internet commercial — for us, by us. In the recent past, we here at Skillman Video Group have spent considerable resources tocreate an internet commercial video for ourselves, and we released it at the launch of our rethought, rebuilt, and modernized website. For this new video, however, we took a different approach. Seeing as though this was just a little project for us, we decided to do it totally in house. We gathered a few of our trusty employees and had at it. The idea was a very simple one — have a man trying to sell hot cider in Faneuil Hall, Boston while everyone around him in the crowd ignores cries for “hot cider! get your hot cider!” in the idea that because the business has no internet presence, no one in the crowd of our tech savvy era can find him on their smartphones. After he is disheveled and disheartened by this, in walks a Skillman Video Group representative who conveys the importance of an online presence for the start up business. After his explanation, a crowd magically appears around the mans cider stand all eager to purchase. The shoot was limited by time and people, however us at Skillman made a fun day of the project and ended up getting some great footage. The video will be put together soon for your viewing pleasure! Skillman Video Group is a Boston Video Production Company. Call us anytime at 800-784-0140.