Skillman Video Group Shoots New Marketing Video

Skillman Video Group Shoots A New Marketing Video!

Skillman Video Group Shoots A New Marketing Video!

It’s always nice to take a little time and revisit our roots – focus on us for a moment, collect our thoughts and reflect on the past. This past weekend Skillman Video Group did just that; we shot the first portion of a new marketing video for us. Utilizing a Cannon 7D, shoulder mount, Lowell light kit, camera dolly, and a clever idea, we made a new marketing video to promote our services as a local video production company. What better way to see what we have to offer as a production company than by producing an example?

Pre-Production for this shoot started with a concept about three weeks prior: a way to quickly and effectively market our services. We wrote up a few different drafts for scripts, elected a final version, and then got to work. After a few changes to the production, casting our actors, and selecting a location, we moved to the next phase.

Production was surgical; we came in, shot exactly what we needed (with deft expertise), and headed out – all within three hours. Precision and skill are two qualities of Skillman Video Group that stays true with all our productions.

All that’s left now is the post-production phase, in which we will edit the video, color correct, adjust audio, and finalize the video by posting it online.