SVG – Sought Again For Excellence

Yesterday, the Skillman Video team assembled themselves and marched on over to One Lincoln Street in Downtown Boston to capture an interview style conference consisting of three men who won an award for their innovative investment portfolio tool. In essence, the tool allows investors to see their portfolio holdings and the liquidity of said holdings through a less arbitrary and and etherial lens, so that investors can then judge the liquidity or illiquidity of the portfolio with more accuracy, insight, and realism.

IMG_1339The company that hired us is a New York based Investment publisher aptly named Institutional Investor Publishers. They flew their representatives to Boston to conduct an interview of the three men involved in this new investment tool, two of which work for State Street Financial and one working for Wyndham Financial. Institutional Investors, however, wasn’t accustomed to hiring video production specialists – let alone finding them in the locals of Boston.

Institutional Investors began by googling the term “Boston videographer” and subsequently came up with a few plausible contenders. After narrowing down their options to Skillman Video Group and another Boston based video production company, Institutional Investors decided to go with us. They later explained that our site design looked far more professional, and that our easy to navigate list of services and portfolio of past projects was what made the difference between a hand shake and ‘close but no cigar’.

IMG_1332When professionalism, reliability, and quality are of any importance, Skillman Video Group always tops the list. This is why we put so much effort into not only our website, not only the quality of our product, not only our reliability and work ethic, but our overall holistic company approach and philosophy. From the moment our site is seen right through to the final and finished product, we deliver excellence – that’s the Skillman difference.

Skillman Video Group is a Boston Video Production Company.  Please call us at 1-800-784-0140 to learn more.